What Is the Role of Foundation for Defense of Democracies?

Started in 2001 FDD is an independent non-profit organization whose major focus is on national security. They work with the countries like Syria, Iran, and Pakistan and give feedback to the Congress. They are essentially the think tank which influences the national leaders. They play a crucial role in the decision making of important foreign policies.

The team comprises of FDD:

Clifford D. May has founded FDD just after the attacks of 9/11. With its remarkable work, FDD is recognized in countering the terrorism. They are helping the government to take actions by providing firm suggestions with substantial research and data. The FDD teams comprises of Bill McCarthy, Chief Operating Officer; Mark Dubowitz, CEO; Toby Dershowitz, Senior Vice President; Lawrence Muscant, Vice President; Dr Jonathan Schanzer, Senior Vice President; John Hannah, Senior Counselor.

Mark Dubowitz

CEO Mark Dubowitz:

Mark is born in Canada and living in the USA from 2003. He is a very important thinker in the FDD leadership team. He has given advice to all the administrations ever since including Bush, Obama and now Trump. Mark Dubowitz specializes in Iran policies. He has also many books on Iran’s political scenarios.

FDD involvement in research:

They do an extensive research on the political movement in Israel, Egypt, Al Qaeda, Turkey, Palestinian politics. FDD help to make these researches into solid policies. Mark Dubowitz has testified in Congress for many times to make stronger policies against terrorism. The FDD teams believe that every human has the basic rights of humanity and no one should be denied the rights based on caste, colour, religion and sexual orientation.

Projects they are currently working on:

They have worked on several prestigious projects. Some of them are policies against cybercrime, giving fact-based reporting on war, organizing events to educate on these policies.