Vtech Kids Camera for Fun Unlimited!

Have you ever thought of gifting the perfect solution to your toddler? You toddler loves photography, and is constantly after your smartphone to click pictures? Look no further. vetch kids camera is here to help you out.

vtech kids camera

vtech Kids Camera-About the Product:

  • The 1.3-megapixel camera will enable your kid to click pictures in a neat manner.
  • With a zoom of up to 4 times, it will be easier to adjust the clarity and density.
  • Oh yes, there is a voice recorder as well. This one will help in capturing sounds and any words of wisdom which you want to preserve as memory.
  • The screen is colourful and well illuminated, to ensure that the light does not hurt. Screen size of 1.8” will help in effective scrolling of the images, as well as playing games.
  • The equipment also comes with an internal memory of 128 MB, and this will ensure that up to 800 pictures can be saved without any fuss.
  • vtech Kids camera has apps to enhance the learning abilities of your child. With apps designed to teach about language, counting and reading, there will never be a dull moment

How Does it Function

This device can be operated by fitting in four AA batteries.

The Design

With a sleek design and colourful appearance, this gadget is going to be a pleasurable experience. The colours are well coordinated, and the functionality of each touch is marked with illustrative indications.

Be Careful

It is recommended that there is no direct exposure to fire, water and heat.

With an all in one functionality, vtech Kids camera is a fantastic gift for your toddler. Learning, playing and recreation happening at one go. Moreover, the body of the can is made of superior material, and hence is unbreakable.

Let the fun begin. Make the childhood vibrant.