Types of Essay Writing

According to our understanding, there are four common types of essays. In this article, we will list them and describe them in detail. We have to clarify that we had no idea about what in the world #4 was and we got it done by a fellow professional we got through Prescott Papers to get an idea.


#1: The Persuasive essay

Persuasive essays are meant to convince somebody, the reader basically. It is not about something neutral in most of the cases, or something generally accepted – like “The Immediate Impacts of the Continued Negligence of Climate Change by the Third World Countries.” Instead, it presents a point that might not be agreeable. That’s the whole point – you convince the reader to believe in you. “Curbing Climate Change Should be None of the Priorities of a Third World Country.” It might be true, might be false – but the point is something that needs convincing or else it becomes indigestible.

#2: The Narrative essay

We like to call it the storytelling essay. Here, the writer tells a story – as simple as that. Writing narratives is never easy. You would know that if you ever tried writing a fiction story. Narrative essays are based on real-life events and how they unfolded, but nevertheless – they can hard to write (or tell, to be more precise).

#3: The Communication or Descriptive essay

This is so far, the best one in our vision. A descriptive essay tries to prove a point, often a deep one, with common examples and basic ideologies. Everything is described in detail, but with simple language. Through these descriptions something more complicated is channeled – a meaning that would otherwise be hidden.

#4: Expository essay

These state the facts. How can factual reporting be essays? Well, we could only understand it once we got one done from PrescottPapers and to be honest, it will take us a bit of time to dissect it and explain it. So, stick around!