To Know the Jeweler, Know Its Creative Designer

Warren Buffet, an active renowned philanthropist and a billionaire once said, “If you don’t know jewelry, know the jeweler.”  Do you understand the deep meaning behind his philosophy? As a philanthropist, he has ample knowledge about mankind and as a business tycoon, he understands the intricacies of the business. His saying match with the skill of Moti Ferder, a CEO and Design Director of Lugano Diamonds, leaders in jewelry industry. He inherited craftsmanship for jewelry designing from his forefathers who were in this business since 1965. You can understand why his company is a leader in jewelry industry. The reason is obvious because the owner himself is a creative leader and good motivation for his creative team. What Warren Buffet said is absolutely correct.

moti ferder

Jewelry craftsmanship

Jewelry craftsmanship is in the blood of Moti Ferder which is a driving force to run this business. Gemology is field of study in the contemporary education system, but if someone has inherited skill it is more than the knowledge one can get from the education system. Practice makes the man perfect. Knowledge and inheritance create this perfection better compared to the educational system. This is true about this man who took his family business to a new height. We are living in the fashion world where innovations in fashion are usual things. People have purchasing power and they can afford for big. Diamond jewelry is a craze of this generation and it is endless. This man is a pace-setter in this industry with his expertise in diamond cutting and shaping and this is the trait which provides boost to a diamond jewelry business.

The story of success

Gemology is an emerging field and many people are getting education in this field because of ample career opportunities. Moti Ferder,with his own skill, created a team of professionals and for them he is a guide and a leader. The skilled leader is obviously an inspiration for the team and this is motive behind his company’s success.