Things to know about stair lift

If you want to get yourself a stair lift, it’s important that you know all about it first. Stair lift is just like a chair fixed to the staircase helping you move up and down the stairs. These are motorized and secured to use. These are mostly used by those who often face difficulties going up and down the stirs. Now you need not to worry about using your staircase. You can get all the details regarding it at Since its use, there has been enormous growth in the market. There are lot many types and designs available suiting your taste. But the main two types are the straight and curved stair lifts depending on the type of the stairs. The name itself is self explanatory. As the name suggests if there is straight line of stairs, the obvious choice is straight stair lifts. And if the stairs have bend on them, then you have to go for curved stair lifts only.


In both the types there is seat attached where the person has to be seated and can carry some items in their lap. How you will prefer the seating is your personal choice. Other than stair lifts there are platform lifts also available which are strong enough to carry wheelchair to the top of the stairs. They are mostly for those people who face difficulty transferring them from the wheel chair to the stair lifts. Mainly the old people who are confined to sitting can use platform lifts. Another variation is the standing lift for those people who are fine with walking but face difficulty climbing the stairs.

The stair lifts are either operated through battery or run through power. Depending upon the price, lot of features are available at imedmobility. A seatbelt is a must to ensure your security.