The Lugano Diamonds Get Inspired By Tibetan Buddhist Temples

The Lugano Diamonds are one of the most popular jewelry brands of the world. The designs of these diamond pieces are exclusive. They also have jewelry pieces that have been inspired by the Tibetan Buddhist temples.

These Tibetan temple inspired jewelry have been created by Moti Fedar who is the design director and president of this reputed jewelry brand.

Specialties of the Tibetan temples inspired jewelry

  • The Lugano Diamonds rings that have been inspired by the Tibetan temple have fancy gray diamonds that is 4 carat and this diamond is in most cases is fixed on top of the diamonds that have been fixed on 18 karat rose gold.

This ring also consists of diamond beads of 6 carats that is there on the base of the ring and rotates freely on it.

  • The chandelier earrings that are inspired by Tibetan temples have as much as 13.86 carats of diamonds and also diamond beads that are fixed on rose gold that is of 18 carat. Here also the beads rotate on the chandelier earrings.

Reasons to buy Lugano Diamonds

  • If one wears these Tibetan Temple inspired earring and ring together in a party then he or she will look very elegant and beautiful. Moreover this established brand also provides very good services to their customers.
  • They always try to exceed the expectations of their customers and make them very happy.
  • The president of this established brand has a good knowledge about diamonds and so the ring and the earring designs of this diamond jewelry brand are exceptionally good.
  • If one goes to any of the salons of this established brand then they will definitely be able to get an experience worth remembering.

If one buys diamond from this brand then he or she can be assured that the jewelry sets that they will provide will be of an amazingly good quality.