Hoof Boots – a guarantee to safety for shoeless horses

There are huge varieties of hoof boots in the market that give nearly every horse a feasible option to metal horseshoes. Hoof boots are made to give additional safety for your un-shod friend without causing harm to the hoof. Such zehn besten can be utilized for all kinds of riding, comprising endurance, dressage, jumping, trail, and turnout, rehabilitation, and driving. These are accessible in a huge variety of sizes to fit small horses, medium-sized drafts, horses, and ponies.

Comparisons of hoof boots

This post gives you the opportunity to assess and evaluate the huge variety of hoof boots that are accessible so that you can have the most ideal shoes for your pony or horse. Basically, they fall in to 3 major categories –


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  • Boots made for riding
  • Boots made for limited use and rehabilitation
  • Boots made for soaking the horse hoof;

The riding category has been modernized by the arrival of the flexible-soled hoof boots.

Tips ongetting the right size of hoof shoes for your loving horse

Initially, you need to evaluate the width of your horse’s bottom across the feet at the widest point. Also, calculate the length of your horse’s hoof from the toe line to the prop of the heel. The prop line is the utmost weight demeanor tip of the heel. Evaluate your size with the appropriate size list for the shoes. In case, you are taking the sizes in inches, then you need to use the imposing size chart. However, if you’re taking size in millimeters, you need to employ the metric size chart. Preferably, the length and width size will feature the same size of boot. In case the length and width size show different sizes of boot, choose the bigger size of boot. Be certain to evaluate every horse foot because at times one is bigger than another and then buy zehnbesten.